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Data Installation

Data Installation

The installation of Cat 5 and Cat 6 data cabling provides secure access to data at high speeds.

Commercial office buildings distribute data point as well as wi-fi access points to enable workers access to the internet and stored files.

Data installations are also becoming common place in mine site camps to enable workers internet access whilst working remotely. The mine deploys Access points throughout the accommodation facilities that the workers can connect via wi-fi.

Cat 5

Structured cabling has been around since 2000, prior to hi speed wi-fi, structure cabling was the only way, limited to approximately 100m. Cabling is installed either on Cable tray, in Conduit or on Cateneries

Cat 6

More stringent manufacturing process cable of transferring at higher bandwidth. Cabling is installed the same as Cat 5 albeit more stringent process

Data testing is done with a Fluke Data tester. Testing parameters can confirm cable mapping, data transfer speed and cable losses. Most data cable manufacturers will warranty their cable to 25 years so allowing an agnostic approach to manufacturer choice.