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A variety of technology platforms have been deployed over the years that connect to fibre optic cables and provide transmission of voice and data.

Each of these technologies must be commissioned and configured into the network so customers can be connected.


Fibre to the Premise is the simplest form of fibre connectivity, The fibre path from the Exchange to the customer is via a FDP (Fibre distribution Point) in here each fibre is multiplexed x 32. From here the fibre travels to the home and connects to the Modem. Basic testing of the levels via a PON meter at the premise is required. FTTP provides the fastest data speeds of all the platforms.

Looking to upgrade your home or Business to FTTP. Follow the link below to NBNCo. The application will depend on your proximity to existing infrastructure and prices do vary greatly.

Technology Choice Program

Looking to subdivide a block or have a small development? Follow this link to submit an application via NBN Co

Submit and Apply


Fibre to the Curb. Almost a hybrid or compromise between FTTP and FTTN, Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) runs fibre optic cables right up to the curb in front of your house, before switching to copper wire for the final distance to your premises.
Because FTTC still relies in part on copper wires, you may not enjoy internet speeds as fast as FTTP. However, because the copper connections only go as far as the street outside your house, rather than to a distant node, you should still enjoy faster speeds than an FTTN connection. The problem with FTTC is the Multiplexing unit are located in Pits underground and do get subjected to water and dirt, as a result high failure rates occur. FTTC will get replaced with FTTP over the next few years as a result.
KDP has install and commissioned over 1000 FTTC devices from Mackay to Cairns.


Fibre to The basement. While not always in a basement, FTTB was the go to technology for high rise and high density residential developments. It was quick to install and was able to get hundreds of customer connect to the NBN Co network at the least cost and in the quickest time.
KDP has installed over 100 FTTB installations from Brisbane to Cairns. Being able to Provide the Fibre optic jointing and testing, FTTB node commissioning, Power Installation and Metering upgrades.


Fibre to the Node - Fibre to the Node (FFTN) is where the NBN’s fibre optic cables travel from an Exchange to a roadside cabinet that has the customer copper cables within. The customer copper cables are multiplexed in a NODE to enable traffic to go over the fibre. Nodes typically have a variety of test conducted from fibre tests, speed test, battery tests and power tests.

Most of Australia was initially connected to the NBN via FTTN, as taking advantage of the existing copper infrastructure was one of the quickest and simplest ways to roll out the NBN technology. The Node speeds are the slowest of the 3 platforms and with the abundant of copper cablining a high number of faults are experienced.

We have installed over 200 FTTN cabinets throughout North QLD and are able to provide fibre splicing and testing, NODE commissioning, power installation and battery testing.

In October 2022, NBN Co announced that it will upgrade an additional 1.5 million FTTN customer to FTTP by 2025.